Cunning ploy?

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I have just read with interest Dean Hopcroft’s letter in Saturday’s Star.

My son went into the Arundel Gate office only this morning to try to get information about the monthly First bus pass.

They will be available on line, as Mr Hopcroft states, but to order one you have to apply two weeks before your current pass expires.

I assume they will be sent out by post. This may work providing they keep on top of applications.

Now here’s a revolutionary idea, as the Arundel Gate office is to remain open, they could still sell them there.

The office will be staffed to give information only. If staff are still there, why on earth can they still not provide the passes.

A monthly pass has risen from £42 to £44, but a weekly pass is available from the driver for £12.50. Is this a cunning ploy by First who hope that the hassle of applying on line, with two weeks notice will deter passengers, so they will cough up the extra money?

Mrs M Hartley

Cliffefield Road, Sheffield S8