Cruising for a bruising

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Heading for divorce yet again, it does make you wonder what is wrong with Tom Cruise.

That’s three stunning wives it didn’t work out with. But if he’s one hell of a husband, he really must be one heck of an actor; he comes across as Mr Nice Guy at all those movie premieres, hanging around on the red carpet to shake the hands of fans, smile into their cameras, even talk into their mobile phones. He had me - and them -at ‘hello, where do you want me to smile?’

TomKat’s day in court looks set to be bitter. Gossip says they are talons-drawn already and will be scrapping furiously over custody of daughter Suri. Katie doesn’t want her growing up a Scientologist; Tom doesn’t want her growing up in high heels; that seems to be the bones of it. Though, of course, it can’t be. More like, he’s almost 50 with two teenage kids and at 33, she can’t be doing with the hassle.

Course, we’re gathering like cheering spectators at a street brawl because it makes us feel tons better when a couple who have everything still can’t make a relationship work.