Crossing safety

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Over the years, there have been lots of accidents at railway level crossings, with many people being killed or injured!

Could the scientific community not come up with some additional safety features at these notorious black-spots to try to eliminate the large number of fatalities that happen there?

B Wilkinson, Mill Lane, Deepcar

Buildings need conservation

readers will be aware of concern over the fate of Hambleton House, the art deco-style former SYPTE building in Exchange Street, which dates to around 1925.

It does not appear to have been highly regarded and it may obstruct access to uncovering the archaeology of the castle site.

Nevertheless, it’s got an interesting frontage and together with the Old No 12, with its superb upper frontage, Mudford’s building and Alexandra pub, is a survivor of Blitz and post-war redevelopment.

The council has tried to get the building listed on a local level, purchase it from the owners and yet granted permission to demolish providing the archaeology is not damaged and the site enhanced by illustrated hoarding.

Is this satisfactory and cannot the frontage be saved as per Carmel House? What will it be replaced with on this very sensitive site?

Certainly the Old No 12 (no cellars so the archaeology could well be intact) and Alexandra have a future and need to be safeguarded.

Ron Clayton, S6

Writing talent

AS a writer and poet, I have become aware of Sheffield’s burgeoning performance scene for all types of writers. This week there were at least six events to encourage writers to read their work. People came from Rotherham and Chesterfield as well as invited writers. We have had events organised by Word Life, Northern Lights, Rude Shipyard and many others. They are inspiring and supportive of all levels of experience. Would it not be possible to have a weekly poem/prose piece in The Star to show the range and breadth of talent in our city? In light of cut backs to creative arts we need as many opportunities as possible to support and showcase writing talent as well as theatre, painting, photography and sculpture.

Donna Jones MBE