Crimean war memorial

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Paul Kenny and I can argue about the Crimean War till the cows come home or the trees come down or your readers’ eyes glaze over.

The fact is the memorial is public art, paid for by Sheffield people in respect of Sheffield men who fell in a conflict whose echoes are, I suspect, soon to be brought back into the consciousness of Sheffielders.

It adorned the Botanical Gardens for 20 plus years after its removal from Moorhead and then was proposed for installation at Victoria Quays.

The location isn’t a problem if you don’t include the column. If the capital is missing, that makes sense, a Freedom of Information request could establish that, and it would cut costs, and alleviate some of the loss posed in Cambridge Street by the NRQ.

The main issues are the cost and the will to do it.

Political views shouldn’t come into it.

Incidentally Paul I think you are wrong about the source for VCs. As for Chinese cannon, probably from the Opium Wars, now that was a shameful affair.

Most wars are, but remembering those who fell in them ain’t.

Ron Clayton