Crimean war memorial

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Paul Kenny is correct when he refers to the jingoistic background to the Crimean War, (Star, September 8), however as someone who is not a member of the Victorian Society but who is proud to share their aims and work with them, having argued the case for the monument in the press I am loth to go over old ground, but here goes.

Does Mr Kenny regard the Quadriga over the Brandenburg Gate in the same light? Perhaps he ought to discuss it with Frau Merkel?

His assertion that the Crimean War was one of the ‘darkest episodes in European history’ is absurd when in comparison with the horrors of Hitler/Stalin/Mao/ WW1/WW2.

The monument’s artillery went for scrap in WW2.

Also, nurse Mary Seacole has arguably at least an equal role to Florence Nightingale, whose grandfather was William Shore, a banker from Sheffield.

Sheffield is ‘uneasy’ about classical monuments and that’s why we all too often resort to ‘public art’ that in the worst cases does nothing for the cityscape. Plus we get it for ‘nowt’.

Finally, is it triumphalist to use an ingot from Russian guns captured at Sebastopol to cast VCs ?

By the way Paul, get the keyboard out, time to talk about the site of Sheffield Castle.

Here’s to the man with the big cigar.

Ron Clayton