Vow to crackdown on violence in the home

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LABOUR’S candidate for the new Police and Crime Commissioner post in Derbyshire has vowed to tackle domestic violence if he is elected.

Alan Charles, from Killamarsh, made the pledge after new figures from Derbyshire Police revealed over the last 12 months there were 248,454 incidents recorded by the force, of which 17,415 - seven per cent - were domestic violence related

He said: “The fact that on average nearly 50 victims - predominantly women - are contacting Derbyshire Police every day is truly shocking.

“It’s also appalling that on average, a victim of domestic abuse will have suffered 32 incidents of abuse before making that first vital call for help.

“But it is also clear that in Derbyshire, police are doing their utmost to deal with the crisis with proven methods of managing initial calls from victims, monitoring their ongoing situation and working with Local Authority Safeguarding Agencies when children are in the house.

“I want to reassure everyone for whom home can be hell that when I am Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, their cries will not go unheard. I will ensure that the police, working in partnership with other dedicated professionals get the support they need to keep vulnerable people safe.

“This means specialist training for neighbourhood officers, support for specialist units; working with refuges and community groups and preventative work with schools will all continue.”

Mr Charles criticised the vote to scrap funding to the Glossop Women’s Aid Hostel, which he said was ‘denying an escape route to many women and children’.

“This heartless rush to cut the budget is already endangering lives and is giving the signal that domestic violence is somehow lower in the order of crime,” said Mr Charles.

“In my book, violence in the home is violence full stop. I will ensure that Derbyshire Police have the resources to deal with those who commit it and pledge to equip its victims with the help they need from the police service.”