VIDEO: S Yorks police use chainsaw in drugs blitz

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Police today used a chainsaw to open doors in a series of dawn raids in a crackdown on drug dealing suspects in South Yorkshire - watch footage here.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch police in action.

Police raid a home in Selwyn Street, Eastwood

Police raid a home in Selwyn Street, Eastwood


Police raided homes in Rotherham and Sheffield in the culmination of a top secret six-month operation where officers gathered evidence against suspected drug dealers in Eastwood.

Specialist rapid entry search teams used chain saws to break their way through doors in a wave of raids which began at 6.30am.

The arrest phase of the top secret operation began yesterday, with a raid in Hatherley Road, Eastwood.

Officers arrested an Iranian man, a Slovakian woman and an Eastwood man in the property on suspicion of supplying and being concerned in the supply of drugs.

They remain in custody today.

Two other men also arrested at the house were bailed pending further inquiries.

Today’s raids led to a further three arrests after officers forced entry into another house in Hatherley Road, plus homes on Selwyn Street, Coleridge Road, Jennings Close and Weetwood Road, all in Eastwood.

They also raided a house in Town Street, Tinsley;

Detective Chief Inspector Bob Chapman, who oversaw Operation Catchall, said the operation was aimed at street level dealers blighting Eastwood.

He said suppliers live in the community and users travel to score there.

“This is not a one-off operation or the end of the policing efforts to tackle drug dealing,” he said.

“Rotherham has a disproportionate drug issue - we drug test everyone in custody and we are way above the national average in terms of the number of people testing positive.

“Drugs are a driver for acquisitive crime and we now have a pro-active unit which will tackle the issue head on.

“The message from the police is clear - if you are going to cause harm to communities you are going to come to the attention of the police and we will take action.”