Vehicle parts stolen in Rotherham

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Police are warning motorists to be on their guard after two catalytic converters were stolen from vans in Rotherham over the weekend.

The parts were taken from two Mercedes Sprinter vans parked in Potter Hill, Greasbrough, and Eilam Road, Kimberworth, overnight on Saturday into Sunday.

Catalytic converters are valuable to thieves because of the precious metals they contain, including platinum.

Temporary Detective Sergeant Jamie Henderson said: “Driving without a catalytic converter creates an excessively loud revving noise, like a racing car. It can also be extremely dangerous, as fumes could start to come into the vehicle.

“A trained technician takes several hours to properly remove a catalytic converter, but some thieves rip them from vehicles in seconds. This can leave repairs costing thousands of pounds for the vehicle owner.”

It is thought that thieves can make up to £500 when selling on a stolen catalytic converter to scrap metal dealers.

Motorists are advised to park in well-lit and busy areas to avoid the risk of vehicles being targeted.

Call police on 101 with information.