Troubled pub closed down

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A ROTHERHAM pub plagued by violence has been ordered to close.

The Eastwood Hotel, East Dene, has to stay shut for at least three months and owners GRS Pub Investments Ltd will have to meet a list of new conditions before the venue can reopen.

Rotherham Council’s licensing sub-committee has asked for a complete refurbishment of the semi-derelictpremises and the employment of doormen.

The decision to close the pub was made after police asked for an emergency review of its licence.

Councillors heard that the pub on Doncaster Road was a ‘powderkeg’ of trouble.

PC Dave Thompson told the councillors that there had been a number of brawls at the pub including a glassing which blinded a man and another in which a man’s ear was bitten off.

Jonathan Smith, representing GRS, said the day-to-day running of the pub was the responsibility of the landlady, who has now been sacked.