Thug convicted of Sheffield child’s murder

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An evil thug who killed his three-year-old stepdaughter in a ‘sustained and forceful’ attack is facing life in prison.

Delroy Catwell, aged 31, left Lylah Aaron with broken ribs, fatal brain damage and covered in bruises after the attack in February this year, Sheffield Crown Court.

Lylah Aaron, who was murdered by 'Delroy Catwell

Lylah Aaron, who was murdered by 'Delroy Catwell

Jurors found him guilty of murder this afternoon after five hours of deliberation.

The court was told little Lylah suffered injuries consistent with being ‘punched, kicked and slapped’ and having been ‘hit with a hard object’.

When the youngster’s body was examined older fractures were discovered, suggesting a previous attack.

Catwell lived with Lylah’s mum, Precious Chibanda, in her home on Beck Road, Shiregreen, Sheffield, and had been left caring for the tragic tot on the day she was found unresponsive by her mum.

Precious, a trainee nurse, returned home from a hospital shift to find her daughter asleep in bed, having been told by Catwell that she had been unwell.

When she later checked on the youngster she was unable to rouse her and dialled 999 for help.

Catwell, who denied murder, accused the little girl’s mum of causing her fatal injuries despite accepting that she had been ‘devoted’ to her daughter.