Stabbed boxer vows to defend his title

Kell Brook recovering in hospital in Tenerife. Picture by Eddie Hearne.
Kell Brook recovering in hospital in Tenerife. Picture by Eddie Hearne.
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Sheffield boxer Kell Brook has spoken of his determination to get back into the ring to defend his IBF welterweight title after being stabbed during a holiday in Tenerife.

Less than a month after earning his first world title, Brook was stabbed in the leg.

He has told police the assault was an ‘unprovoked attack’ when an evening of drinking with another man turned sour.

“Without warning or caution, one swipe. I was a victim of an unprovoked attack,” he said.

“Without warning, I was getting hit with a machete by this guy to my leg.

“This guy was stood over me, shouting and swearing. I am trying to scramble away. I was thinking about my daughter, that I need to get away.

“I was covered in blood, panicking, feeling so drained and weak from the loss of blood. I feared for my life.”

The 28-year-old managed to flee from his attacker – who has not been found – and raise the alarm at a nearby apartment.

He underwent an emergency operation.

“They wheeled me out of the hospital in Tenerife and the fresh air hit me and I was just thanking my lucky stars,” he said.

“It felt so good to see my family and think, ‘I am here, still alive’.

“Around the wound area there is no feeling. The doctor said it might never come back. It is numb, like when you go to the dentist, but I believe in thinking positive and think I will make a full recovery.

“The knife went through two muscles, but the operation was a success and blood is getting to those muscles.

“I’m thinking positive because I have to. Nothing will stop me from coming back and defending my belt. Nothing.

“I’m a young lion and I believe I can be one of the greats.”