Sheffield murder victim had ‘gone off radar’

Grant Bodell

Grant Bodell

A young dad murdered in Sheffield wrote on Facebook he’d have to go ‘off radar for a bit’ – just days before he was gunned down.

Grant Bodell, aged 23, was found in the early hours of Saturday with gunshot wounds on wasteland off Queen Mary Road, Manor, and he died in hospital a short time later.

No arrests have yet been made over the killing, which police chiefs say was ‘targeted and isolated’.

Just two days before he was shot Mr Bodell, a father-of-two, used his Facebook page to write he’d ‘had to go off radar for a bit’.

On the same day, June 19, he also posted a photograph of a police helicopter taken from the ground.

In the days and weeks leading up to his death, he posted pictures of nights out with pals and spoke of feeling ‘buzzin’ that he had bought a heavy gold bracelet to match his gold chain.

Other photos on his social media profile show him posturing with his hands in the shape of a gun.

Earlier this year he posted musings about life, writing prophetically, ‘Grab things in life while you can ’cos life is way too short to miss things what you want’.

He also wrote, ‘You only live once and you only die once, so take every day by day’.

On November 30 he posted, ‘People take life for granted so just enjoy life while you can – you don’t know what is round the corner’.

He also posted a picture of a tattoo on his arm, inked with the phrase, ‘For every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story – a story that says I survived’.

Detectives investigating the circumstances surrounding the murder say they are ‘very much keeping an open mind’ over the murder.

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