Sheffield murder caught on camera

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A horrified witness with a video camera filmed in shock as a man was battered to death with a baseball bat in broad daylight in Sheffield.

Police have been handed the disturbing footage by a onlooker, who saw the prolonged attack from a window close to the crime scene in Pitsmoor.

Andover Street murder scene

Andover Street murder scene

It shows the victim - a 33-year-old man, not yet been named by police - slumped on grassland off Andover Street, while a thug smashes him repeatedly to the head with a baseball bat for up to 10 minutes.

The frightened witness had heard a disturbance outside his home and picked up his video camera to film it.

He said he lost count of the number of times the attacker struck his defenceless victim - who he said he heard ‘crying for mercy’.

The man offered his footage to the police immediately that officers arrived at the scene.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, the witness - who wishes to remain anonymous - said: “I can’t say how many times he was hit, but the attacker was targeting the victim’s head repeatedly.

“I would think the part of the attack I witnessed lasted around 10 minutes.

“I’d heard crying and shouting for mercy and help, and that’s what initially attracted my attention.

“I knew it was a serious situation, and that filming it could be important, so I picked up my camera.

“My wife and I dialled 999 a number of times, and once the attack was over myself, other neighbours, and men from the local mosque all ran over to help.

“But once we got there it was obvious that, medically, there was nothing we could do.”

The man’s wife, who also witnessed part of the attack, said it was ‘shocking and disturbing’.

“My husband shouted for me to come quick and he was filming the attack,” she said.

“He got some footage for the police at an early stage, which we hope will help them with the case. It was in broad daylight - the footage shows everything.

“The victim appeared to be lying on the ground unconscious.

“When the attack came to an end the attacker stood over him with the baseball bat for three or four minutes, as though he was trying to see if he was dead or alive.

“He then ran over towards the nearby flats and we saw him put the bat into a bin before going inside.”

The thug was seen fleeing into flats on nearby Montfort Drive, which were taped off and under police guard yesterday while detectives quizzed a 38-year-old man arrested over the killing.

The victim was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead around an hour after the attack at 7pm on Monday.

A white tent had yesterday been erected at the spot, and a piece of plastic covered an area next to the tent.

The route taken by the attacker when he fled was also covered with plastic, and dotted with police evidential markers.

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.