Sheffield man attacked ex-girlfriend and her new partner

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A Sheffield man attacked his ex-girlfriend and her new partner in ‘10 minutes of madness’ a court heard.

Brendan Button turned up drunk at his ex’s home and ‘flipped’ when he found her with a new partner, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

The 49-year-old, of Knoll Close, Stocksbridge, punched his ex-girlfriend and lunged at her new boyfriend’s throat with a wine glass, before threatening him with a knife.

Button told a neighbour outside: “I just flipped, but it’s all over now.”

Police described the mess as ‘like a murder scene’, as they found items strewn about the house and a trail of blood on the bannister leading upstairs.

Button admitted attempted wounding, assault causing actual bodily harm, a sexual assault and two offences of criminal damage.

Judge Paul Watson said: “This was a disgraceful and terrifying episode.”

He gave Button a two-year suspended jail term, 300 hours of unpaid community work and a curfew.