Rotherham thugs from ‘good homes’ jailed for violent attack

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Two youths from ‘good families’ have been locked up for three years for violently beating a man on the streets of South Yorkshire and stealing his bag.

Wasim Ali and Amraze Zuber, both aged 18, were sent to a young offenders’ institution for the vicious attack on 21-year-old Mohammed Tariq, who was set upon as he made his way home from a friend’s house in Rotherham.

The pair each pleaded guitly to robbery at Sheffield Crown Court.

Today Mr Tariq, who has suffered from depression since the attack and is afraid to go out, said he was glad justice had been done.

He said: “I’m very pleased with the sentences. It’s fair justice and I’m happy with what they’ve got.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t go out and I still feel vulnerable.

“I will never be the same again. I feel like I am going to be scared for the rest of my life.

“I hope the time they do in prison with make them think twice about what they have done.”

The court heard the thugs targeted Mr Tariq as he was on the way home from a friend’s house at 12.30am on July 9.

He knew one of the men as their families were close, the court heard.

They ‘manufactured balaclavas’ and lay in wait for him, before setting upon him on Hadley Road, Clifton, Rotherham.

Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, said: “He felt a blow from behind.

“He was knocked into a wall, he was feeling dazed, he fell to the ground and he could feel blood in his mouth.

“He thought he was going to choke on his own blood.”

Miss Gallagher said the men demanded Mr Tariq’s bag and the attack continued while he lay on the ground and was kicked and punched.

His bag, containing a polo shirt, parking tickets, a high visibility jacket and a camera for his new job as a parking attendant, was stolen in the robbery.

Miss Gallagher said Mr Tariq chased his attackers to Fitzwilliam Road but they got away. Police found him lying on a cushion in the road being looked after by relatives.

Mr Tariq was taken to Rotherham Hospital where he was treated for a cut on his elbow, back and stomach pain, and a bruised left eye.

Police chased and caught Ali, of Davis Street, and Zuber, of Oxford Street, both Clifton.

Miss Gallagher said Mr Tariq had been unable to work since the attack and suffered from breathlessness and depression.

Ian Goldsack, defending Zuber, said his actions were ‘out of character’.

Des Rosario, defending Ali, said: “He is from a good family.

“They are all shocked and horrified by what he has done.”

Judge Peter Kelson QC said they had used an ‘excessive degree of force’.

He added: “This was a premeditated robbery. It’s remarkable to see two young men from such good homes with such loving, caring families embark on this incredibly serious crime.”