Residents fear for safety after gunfire in Sheffield suburb

Police in Burngreave after a shooting

Police in Burngreave after a shooting

Residents in a Sheffield suburb have spoken of fears for their safety after hearing gunfire outside their homes.

They heard a gun being fired once outside their flats on Spital Lane, Burngreave, before the sound of further shots a short time later.

South Yorkshire Police received reports of gunfire on Tuesday night but nobody saw a weapon and there have been no injuries reported.

Senait Araye, aged 41, said: “I heard what I thought sounded like a gun going off at 10.15pm right outside my home and then another two or three from what sounded like a bit further up the road.

“I am scared. Every few months I see the police outside dealing with some sort of trouble. I want to move.”

A neighbour also heard the shots.

“It sounded like fireworks to me but when we realised all the area was taped off we knew it must have been more serious.

“I hate it, absolutely hate it here now.”

Mum-of-one Iram Din, 23, from Pitsmoor, said: “It doesn’t make you feel safe even though I have lived here all my life.

“I have a four-year-old son and fear for his safety when he gets older.”

Clovis Munroe, 52, who has lived in Burngreave all his life, said: “The problem is a lack of investment in young people - there is nothing for them to do but stand around on the streets.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to Spital Hill, Sheffield, following reports of a firearm being discharged. No gun was seen by the caller and no one was injured.”

Last month Detective Chief Inspector Zaf Ali stressed the streets of Sheffield were not awash with guns.

Councillor Harry Harpham, of Sheffield Council, said: “The council and police are working closely together to make people feel safe in Burngreave.

“We do a lot of work with young people in the area and provide positive activities for them to get involved with and steer them away from anti-social behaviour and crime.”




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