Phone technology helps police to snare burglars

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POLICE in South Yorkshire are making use of a mobile phone app to help them track down burglars.

Officers investigating a break-in on Lowedges Crescent, Lowedges, Sheffield, last weekend arrested a 19-year-old suspect within a matter of hours - because a phone stolen during the burglary had new technology installed.

Once a mobile with the ‘find my iPhone’ app goes missing, the owner can log on to a computer and a map will be displayed pinpointing where their phone is.

A combination of Wi-Fi, GPS and cell site data is used to track down missing phones.

It is impossible for burglars to tell which phones have the technology.

Inspector Ian Stubbs, of the neighbourhood policing team responsible for Lowedges, said: “There have been a number of good results across the city recently using the iPhone app. It works really well. Burglars beware!

“It is an excellent tool to assist us to recover stolen property, and I would encourage anyone with an iPhone or iPad to use this app.

“It can pinpoint the location with great accuracy even down to the elevation - for example we can identify which floor of a property the phone is located.”

He confirmed: “A male was arrested following a burglary at Lowedges Crescent. The victim’s phone was traced to an address nearby using the app. The suspect was arrested and all the property from the burglary recovered.

Sheffield Homes have been informed and will be taking tenancy action to evict to offender.”

Last month three armed robbers from Rotherham were locked up for a total of 23 years after stealing a phone with the tracking technology.

The trio had broken into the wrong house in East Herringthorpe, in April - bursting in while a couple and their teenage son were in bed - but they went ahead with the burglary anyway.