‘Pay up or go back to jail’

Fraudster: Helen Chapman
Fraudster: Helen Chapman
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A FRAUDSTER from Sheffield involved in a multi-million pound mortgage scam has been ordered to pay back £152,109 or face two years behind bars.

Helen Victoria Chapman, aged 50, of Victoria Court, Nether Edge, was jailed for 15 months in March last year for conspiracy to obtain money by deception over a £2.6 million mortgage scam.

She had claimed to earn £400,000 a year working for a mobile phone company in Bakewell.

Her co-accused – her ex-partner Anthony Gould, 47, of White Holme Drive, Leeds – ran the firm Chapman claimed to have been working for, and is serving a four-year jail term for 22 offences including fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to obtain money transfers by deception.

He assumed the identity of his brother and used fake documents to set up bank accounts without his brother’s knowledge.

He and Chapman then bought a £2.6 million home in Spain after putting together a mortgage application using false documents.

At Southwark Crown Court His Honour Judge Price described some of Chapman’s claims made during the police investigation as ‘dishonest and contrived’ and gave her six months to repay some of the proceeds of her crime or face another two years in jail.

Police uncovered the scam after Chapman made allegations against her ex-partner.

When officers looked into his finances they discovered irregularities which led them to a network of crooked financial advisers, all involved.

Detective Constable Mark Wootton, from South Yorkshire Police’s Money Laundering Team, said: “The criminal investigation was complex and these people’s crimes had implications for businesses and banks in three different countries.

“It’s great to see that these offenders have to pay back their illegal gains.”