Pack of yobs avoid charges

Joe Walker
Joe Walker
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Detectives who investigated the murder of Sheffield man Joe Walker explained today why nobody else was charged over the attack.

Jimmy Connors, aged 17, was detained at her Majesty’s pleasure and ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars after being found guilty of murdering 23-year-old Joe Walker, who was stabbed to death last September.

Joe and his killer had both been at the same party at a flat on Waltheof Road, Manor, when the atmosphere ‘turned nasty’.

The pair clashed and Joe punched Connors before running off and a knife was brandished.

He was chased by a ‘pack’ of youths onto nearby grassland and was brought to the ground.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp told Sheffield Crown Court the gang kicked Joe as he lay slumped on the ground before Connors, of Atherton Road, Arbourthorne, lunged at him with a kitchen knife.

Connors, who denied murder, claimed the knife was thrust into his hand during a fight with Joe and he lashed out in self defence.

He admitted being part of the chasing pack which ran after construction worker Joe, of Hollybank Close, Intake, claiming there were around a dozen boys and girls involved, but denied kicking or stamping on him.

Police chiefs said they are satisfied that the stab wound caused the death.

Detective Inspector Mel Palin, deputy senior investigating officer in the case, said: “Joe Walker died from a single stab wound to his back inflicted by Jimmy Connors. He had no other injuries which contributed to his death.

“Jimmy Connors has been convicted of the murder and we are not seeking to arrest anyone else in connection with the incident.”