Number plates stolen from vehicles in north Derbyshire

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A police probe is under way into a spate of number plate thefts in north Derbyshire.

Over recent weeks officers have been alerted to a number of thefts from cars, vans and motorbikes in Chesterfield and Bolsover.

Some of the plates have been used by criminals on vehicles to try to cover their tracks.

Police want to hear from anyone who finds any discarded number plates after some found in undergrowth in Pleasley have been examined and linked to a crime.

Inspector Russell Dakin, from Derbyshire Police’s Community Safety Unit, said: “

“We are seeing a marked increase in theft of number plates and we would urge all motorists to be on their guard and report any suspicious activity to police to prevent a crime from happening.

“We would like to encourage all members of the public who may see discarded or hidden vehicle registration plates to take possession of them and inform us as we may be able to recover forensic evidence or link the number plate to a recently committed crime.”