Neighbour rewarded for burglary tip-off

Steven Reynolds
Steven Reynolds
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A QUICK-THINKING woman who alerted the police when she saw her neighbour’s home being burgled has been given a reward by a judge.

Amanda Milner heard Steven Reynolds boot in her neighbour’s door - and then spotted him through the living room window of the house in Newbury Road, Crookes.

Ms Milner called the police, who arrived while Reynolds was still in the house, to find he had put a laptop, camera, and jewellery in bags.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Reynolds carried out the audacious lunchtime raid just months after he got out of jail for a previous break-in.

The court heard the property’s occupant, Sarah Flower, had left for work early in the morning of June 8 - and at 1pm Reynolds snuck around to the back door and broke in.

Reynolds, of Maltravers Road, Wybourn, told officers he was in his ‘mate’s house’ - but pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to four years in jail.

Prosecutor Corinne Wilson said Reynolds had more than 30 previous convictions for non-dwelling burglaries.

He had been released from jail on licence nine months before he was caught in Sarah Flower’s house.

Michael Willis, defending, said after being released from jail Reynolds got a job but fell back into the company of people who were taking drugs.

He admitted burglary and asked for one count of attempted theft to be taken into account.

Sentencing, Judge Robert Moore, said: “While on licence from your previous burglary spree, you kicked your way into this house in the more well-off area of S10. You would have succeeded in your aims but for the diligence of a neighbour, who reported the matter to the police.”

He ordered the neighbour Ms Milner be given a £400 reward from central funds.