‘Monster’s taken a bit of all our lives’

Murder victim Gary Beech
Murder victim Gary Beech
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THE grieving young daughter of a Sheffield man brutally stabbed to death says attending court to see his killer jailed would have been ‘mental torture’.

Michaela Beech, aged 21, could not bring herself to attend Sheffield Crown Court to watch Benjamin Scott locked up indefinitely for the public’s protection. But she branded her dad Gary Beech’s killer ‘a monster’ - and said he had taken a piece from every member of her family.

“Scott has not just taken my dad, he has taken a bit of all of our lives,” she said.

“My gran is so upset. It was her son and now he is gone.

“I was 20 and I got the phone call from the police. I was the next of kin and the call came to me. I was sick, I threw up.

“To know he died - and then for it to come out that he was stabbed more than 100 times - it was just horrible.”

Scott, 32, knifed 44-year-old Mr Beech 120 times in a frenzied attack at the victim’s flat on Batemoor Road, Batemoor, Sheffield, last June.

He must serve a minimum of 15 years in jail after admitting manslaughter on the grounds of ‘abnormality of the mind’.

But Michaela says her family are living a life sentence.

“In a way there’s closure, but there’ll never be full closure because every day I think, ‘My dad has gone’,” she said.

“I couldn’t go to court - I had in my head what had happened. It would have been mental torture. Scott is a monster, he is vile.”

Mr Beech moved to Sheffield from Lancashire in 2008 in a bid to beat the drink problems which had cost him his marriage and home.

But Michaela, of Leyland, Lancs, said she and her younger brother, also Gary, kept in regular touch with their dad.

“He was lovely and such a family man. He worked all his life to provide for us, we never went without,” she said.