Hundreds use fake ID cards in Sheffield

Inspector Darren Starkey
Inspector Darren Starkey
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More than 300 children were caught using fake ID to try to get into Sheffield’s pubs and clubs in the first half of the year.

Police officers were handed the forms of identification by door staff who refused entry to underage customers between January and the end of May.

They included driving licences and passports not belonging to the teenager drinkers, fake identity cards bought online and forms of ID altered to make children appear older than they were.

Those caught out by door supervisors had their real details handed to South Yorkshire Police and officers visited them at home to warn them about the consequences of committing fraud and the risks associated with underage drinking.

Inspector Darren Starkey, of South Yorkshire Police, who is overseeing the scheme, said: “There are lots of valid reasons behind this scheme with the safeguarding of children the main one.

“By door staff in pubs and clubs challenging everyone who appears to be under the age of 25 we are reducing the number of underage drinkers and therefore reducing the number of people who could be vulnerable through being under the influence of drink and at risk of becoming a victim of crime.”

He said the scheme would continue to operate, despite the amount of time involved in police officers tracking down the underage drinkers.

“Door staff seize the fake documents and take down the names of those using them for the police to follow up.

“Parents are often surprised at what their children have been doing to try to get into pubs and clubs and we talk to them about the importance of knowing where their children are and what they are doing.

“The scheme seems to be working because we have not had any repeat offenders.

He added: “Quite often the cost of having to pay for replacement forms of ID for people they have borrowed them off is enough of a deterrent.”