How could someone do this to an innocent tot, asks grief-stricken mum?

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A MUM was left heartbroken after a callous thief stole toys and trinkets she had left on her beloved baby son’s grave at a Sheffield cemetery.

Roxanne McCourt, aged 26, discovered the theft when she made one of her regular visits to her son Jack’s plot at Abbey Lane Cemetery, Beauchief.

The mum-of-two, whose son was stillborn at 17 weeks, said as well as toys, including a windmill and an aeroplane, fencing she had placed around her son’s grave was also stolen.

“I am mad and upset. I am devastated that this has happened,” she said.

“I was in tears when I realised his things had been taken and I didn’t want to leave - I wanted to stay at the grave and protect my baby, to stop anyone coming back and doing it again. How could someone do this to an innocent baby?

“I leave things on his grave because I can’t spoil him like other little children because he is not here with us but he is still always in my thoughts.

“I know the rules say that you shouldn’t place anything on the graves in the Children’s Garden area but everyone does.

“The person who did this needs to realise what they have done - it is heart wrenching and I hope that no other families have to go through what we have.

“Whoever did this is sick.”

Roxanne, who held a funeral service for her stillborn child before his burial, lost him in July last year.

“I go to the grave every week and have not come to terms with what happened but was beginning to feel a bit better then this happened and it’s knocked me right back again,” she said.

“The items stolen were not worth anything in terms of money but they were sentimental. Jack may not be here but he is still my cherished child.”

Paul Billington, head of culture for Sheffield Council, said: “We are sad and sorry to hear that items have been taken from a baby’s grave and we sympathise with the distress this has caused for his mother.

“We have a lodge attendant at Abbey Lane Cemetery and we do our best to keep the cemetery secure but you have to strike a balance between this and maintaining an accessible space where people come and spend time with their thoughts.”