Girlfriend told her killer lover she was pregnant

Angela Rylance
Angela Rylance
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THE lover of a Barnsley teacher who murdered his fiancee and hid her body in a suitcase told him she was pregnant with his child two days earlier, she has revealed.

Angela Rylance, 29, from Barnsley, was working in The Money Shop in the town when Andrew Lindo called in to cash a cheque and gave the cashier his number.

The mum-of-two ended up in a five-month relationship with the 29-year-old killer until his fiancee Marie Stewart’s body was discovered.

Lindo was jailed for life last week and ordered to serve 22 years behind bars. Angela said she felt guilt when she found out about Marie’s death and “wondered if he had killed her because of me”.

“When they told me at the police station Andrew had admitted killing Marie, I was just dazed. I felt hatred for him. It was horrendous. I felt so sorry for Marie and the children.”

Angela said he turned up to meet her six hours late on the night of the murder, just days after she told him she was expecting their child.

She said he had been delighted at the prospect of becoming a father again and upset when she miscarried a short time later.

They spent the night of the murder cuddling in bed together and planning their future – the same bed where mum-of-two Marie had been killed just hours earlier.

Angela said: “I was completely duped by him. He would mould himself into exactly what anyone wanted him to be. Everyone thought, ‘This guy’s great’.”