Drunken husband attacked wife twice

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a HUSBAND has been banned from contacting his wife again indefinitely after admitting two counts of assault.

Paul Silvers, aged 49, of Firthwood Road, Dronfield, has also been ordered to pay his estranged wife £100 in compensation following the attacks on her.

Chesterfield magistrates head his wife Patricia Silvers ran from her home and locked herself in a car to escape her violent husband.

She told police her marriage was ‘horrendous’ when her husband’s drinking was out of control.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told the court he attacked her in May after she told him to go to bed.

She said Silvers had behaved ‘like a man possessed’ and pinned his wife against a wall by her throat.

Mrs Silvers sought help from Women’s Aid and her husband moved in with his parents.

But the court heard his parents took him back to the matrimonial home on September 16 because they couldn’t cope with him, said Ms Mahon.

She said when his wife fell asleep on a sofa he confronted her in a drunken state and made a threat regarding the ownership of their house on Hollins Spring Avenue.

Mrs Silvers told him she would call the police if he hit her but he struck her to the face, head, arms and back.

She was so afraid she then ran outside and locked herself in her car until police arrived.

“She said he was volatile and unpredictable and could be violent and she was scared for her life,” said Ms Mahon.

Silvers admitted two charges of assault after telling police officers he had his wife pinned her against a wall in May and struck her in September.

He said he did not know why he had been violent towards her.

But he did admit he had ‘lost it’.

Silvers was also sentenced to a one-year probation supervision order and was asked to pay £85 in court costs.

His solicitor Steve Brint said Silvers would be seeking legal advice regarding divorce proceedings.