Doncaster carer caught on camera stealing from 87-year-old man is jailed

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A Doncaster carer caught in a hidden camera sting stealing from an 87-year-old man she was looking after has been jailed.

Mum-of-two Kerri Biddleston, aged 23, was in a team of carers looking after a man who had suffered a fall and had been treated in hospital.

His son had begun to suspect one of his carers was stealing, and hid £60 in a drawer in the bedroom in front of a concealed camera.Biddleston, of Essex Avenue, Intake, was then caught on camera on February 8 taking £30 from the money and stowing it in her bra.

She denied the offence despite the evidence – forcing her victim to attend court and give evidence using oxygen canisters. He died a week later. The trial was discontinued and another trial ordered, at which Biddleston, who has a three-week-old premature baby and a four-year-old child, was found guilty.

Sentencing her at Sheffield Crown Court, Mr Recorder Andrew Kershaw said: “You know the impact your crime had on the life of this victim. You know you denied the offence and stood trial earlier this year.

“You have been engaged and employed to look after him as part of a team, because he was elderly.”

“He had suffered a fall, been in hospital and needed help dressing, cleaning and feeding and leading an independent life. Part of that independence was having his own money – and you stole it.

“Because money had been going missing, a camera had been set up and you were captured on camera taking money and putting it in your bra.

“You denied it to police, you denied to magistrates and you continued to deny your guilt to this very day.

“You have shown no remorse whatsoever.

“You accept you were wrong in what you did.

“The sentence I pass, unfortunately for you, is one of imprisonment. It is the only sentence I can pass.

“It is to protect the public, elderly, vulnerable people, people who are dependent on carers, on trust. They have to be protected.

“So to an extent the sentence is to deter you from behaving in this way in the future, but also to deter others from taking cash lying about in the bedroom of someone who they think has lost their mental capabilities.

“You have made no arrangements for your children.

“You hope by hiding behind your children you would be able to avoid the consequences of your crime.

“This situation is because you stole from an elderly and vulnerable victim and showed no remorse. You brought this misfortune upon your own children as well as yourself. You brought this burden upon your parents.”

Biddleston was jailed for four months.

The court was told Biddleston’s parents – her father, who is on dialysis for renal failure, and mother, who is recovering from appendicitis surgery – will look after her children while she serves her sentence.