DNA match in ‘rape attempt’

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A FORENSICS expert told jurors that DNA from a Sheffield man accused of trying to rape a heavily pregnant woman matches blood found on her jacket.

Theodore Ferrigon, aged 24, is on trial accused of attacking a woman on waste land near Kenninghall Road, Arbourthorne, in November 2003.

The woman, who was seven months’ pregnant at the time, claims she was dragged from a path by a man who tried to rape her.

Nobody was arrested at the time of the alleged attack but detectives found bloodstains on the victim’s jacket. Ferrigon, of Water Slacks Close, Woodhouse, was arrested in January 2010, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Forensics scientist Dr Suzanne Armitage told the jury two bloodstains found on the inside and outside of the victim’s jacket showed a statistical match to Ferrigon’s DNA.

She said: “These bloodstains are estimated to be a billion times more likely to be that of Theodore Ferrigon than a male unrelated to him.”

Dr Armitage said only an identical twin would have exactly the same DNA as someone else. She said there was also male DNA on the victim’s bra, though the trace was too poor to match it to an individual.

Ferrigon denies attempted rape and robbery. He claims an operation to his skull in 2009 left him with memory loss.

But prosecutor Fiona Swain said: “The prosecution say he can remember perfectly well what happened in 2003 and the operation on his skull is being used as a smoke screen.”

The trial continues.