Disabled Sheffield man reunited with stolen trailer

Michael Wilkiinson reunited with his stolen trailer
Michael Wilkiinson reunited with his stolen trailer
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A disabled man from Sheffield is overjoyed after being reunited with his stolen wheelchair trailer – on the day he was given the all-clear from cancer.

Michael Wilkinson, aged 61, of Clarke Street, Broomhall, was devastated when he discovered his shed had been broken into

The thief made off with a haul – but the theft of the trailer which Michael tows behind his electrical wheelchair upset him most.

Michael, who has cerebral palsy, uses it to transport items around, including his manual wheelchair, which can be folded up and taken with him when he visits friends.

His electric chair is too big to be used indoors.

Michael feared the theft of the trailer, which he has had most of his life, would affect his independence, but it was returned to him after a man spotted it dumped in a gennel near Sitwell Road, Sharrow.

A radio which had also belonged to his mum was also recovered.

Michael’s carer Vicky Bell said he was overjoyed at their safe return.

“He is delighted at the safe return of the trailer and the radio – the two things he was most upset about,” she said.

“But it was a great day all around because as well getting the items back he also received a letter that same day telling him that he is now free from kidney cancer, which he had for two years.

“I had initially thought that whoever stole the trailer had taken it for its scrap metal value, but I think it was taken to transport other items that were also take, such as 13 hand-painted miniature gypsy carts, caravans and cars.

“Michael is really grateful to everyone involved in helping him get the trailer back, it means he will be able to get out and about again.”

n Anyone with information about the theft should call police on 101.