Dealer wins jail appeal

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A MAN who ran a business importing illicit prescription medication into the UK and selling it on has had his jail term cut by a third on appeal.

David Naylor, of Oakdale, Worsborough Dale, Barnsley, bought tranquillisers and sleeping pills - which are illegal in the UK without a prescription - from a contact in India.

He sold them on for 10p or 20p a tablet - making £20,000 over two years.

Naylor, aged 34, was jailed for three years at Sheffield Crown Court in October, after admitting conspiring to supply diazepam and possessing another prescription drug with intent to supply.

But Lord Justice Elias, Mr Justice Saunders and Judge Stephen Kramer QC, at London’s Appeal Court, cut the term to two years, after hearing Naylor had been ‘pressured’ into committing his crimes.

The court heard Naylor first picked up prescription drugs while on holiday in Spain after a request from a friend. Under ‘pressure’ from a ‘seasoned drug dealer’, he continued with the trade between 2008 and 2010.

Naylor’s lawyers said he had not been given enough credit for pleading guilty.