Cross-border crackdown nets 24 cars

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a TOTAL of 24 vehicles were seized, including two believed to be stolen, in a police crackdown on cross-border crime in Chesterfield.

Derbyshire Police joined forces with the Environment Agency and HM Revenue & Customs in an operation aimed at cracking down on criminals travelling into Chesterfield to commit burglaries, vehicle crime and other offences.

Roadside checkpoints were set up across the town and suspicious vehicles were pulled over and stopped while officers checked the vehicles and the drivers’ paperwork.

Cautions and fines were issued for motoring and minor drugs offences.

Some vehicles were banned from the roads because they were found to have serious faults.

Detective Constable Lee Oldham, who took part in the operation, said: “Working closely with other agencies helped to stem the flow of criminals crossing our county border to commit offences.

DC Oldham added: “The operation has been successful and we will continue to run this type of operation working with our partner agencies to deny criminals the use of our roads.”