Child killer found guilty

Fiaz Munshi
Fiaz Munshi
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A Sheffield woman who evaded justice for 17 years has been found guilty of killing two children in a revenge arson attack.

Fiaz Munshi, aged 38, who was brought up in Tinsley, was involved in a plot to firebomb the family home of her partner Amjad Khan after he ended their relationship in August 1997.

She hatched a plan to torch his home in Oxford, which involved petrol being squirted through the letterbox and set alight.

Mr Khan’s sister Anum, eight, perished in the blaze and his brother Majid, 15, died after jumping from a window.

Munshi, a mum-of-four, burst into tears as jurors reached a unanimous verdict after her trial.

She is to be sentenced tomorrow.

Her sister Riaz Munshi, who was also involved in the arson attack, was found guilty of manslaughter 12 years ago but has since been released from prison.

Fiaz Munshi was arrested the month after the fatal blaze but was released without charge due to insufficient evidence.

She flew to Pakistan in December 1997 and two days later fresh evidence emerged, leading to the arrest of her sister and five others involved in the attack, who were all jailed.

Munshi, who married and had four children while on the run in Pakistan, returned to Britain in 2004 - spending eight years living in Sheffield before moving to Oldham.

But detectives failed to interview her until Mr Khan’s family asked for an update on the case in 2012 and they realised she had slipped through the net.

Mr Khan’s sister Shehnaz Akhtar, 42, said: “Finally after 17 years justice has been done.

“It was only when my family asked for an update on what had happened to Fiaz that they realised she was back in this country but had not been questioned.

“We have never recovered from this.”