Charity workers ‘sickened’ by latest shop raid

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a CHARITY shop was raided by heartless thieves who escaped with cash, sat navs and electrical equipment after breaking in through the roof.

The Barnsley Hospice shop in Stairfoot suffered at least £1,000 worth of damage in the raid – and was the fourth in hospice shop in the town to be targeted so far this year.

Dawn Charlesworth, retail services manager for the hospice, said she was ‘sickened’ at the most recent raid.

“They must have been equipped and determined to get in because they started stripping tiles off the roof at first before moving to another area of the roof where there was a large heavy board covering a window, which they ripped off – that board took three men to get it up there when it was put in place, so whoever did this wanted inside,” she said.

“I don’t know what they thought they were going to get from a furniture shop – all we keep is a small amount of petty cash for a float.”

She said stealing from a charity shop was heartless.

“I felt sickened when I walked into the shop afterward and saw that they had ransacked the place – trashing it,” she added.

“I also feel upset for those who work in the shop, giving up their free time.

“The people responsible for the break-in need to realise that they are stealing from their own community – the shops support the Barnsley hospice, so they are effectively stealing from their own family and friends who may eventually need its services.”

Last month thieves smashed their way into the hospice shop at Blucher Street, Barnsley, which is also a furniture store.