Chain foils a pickpocket

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A WOMAN whose purse was almost stolen by a pickpocket said a safety chain given to her by Derbyshire Police prevented the theft.

Deborah Young, a former teacher from Newbold, was shopping in Chesterfield town centre on Saturday when an attempt was made to steal her purse.

She only realised when she saw it hanging out of her bag still attached to the chain given to her by local police.

“I didn’t feel a thing. You hear that people don’t notice when they have their purses stolen but you always think you would feel it happening to you,” she added.

“These thieves are very skilled. I’m grateful to the police for giving purse chains out for free. It’s like having an alarm on your house, the thieves will move onto an easier target – someone without a purse chain.”

Purse and handbag thefts are one of the Chesterfield Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team’s priorities.

PC Steve O’Callaghan said: “We use a number of initiatives to try to prevent pickpockets, and purse chains are one of the most effective.

“We issue them regularly at surgeries and community events.”