Casey accused did something ‘silly’

Casey Kearney, aged 13, who was stabbed to death in Elmfield Park, South Yorkshire. Hannah Bonser, 26  has been charged with her murder.
Casey Kearney, aged 13, who was stabbed to death in Elmfield Park, South Yorkshire. Hannah Bonser, 26 has been charged with her murder.
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A WOMAN told staff at a mental health charity she had ‘done something silly’ after she fatally stabbed a 13-year-old girl in a park in Doncaster, a worker told a jury.

Hannah Bonser, 26, went into the offices of Rethink in Doncaster after she attacked Casey Kearney in Elmfield Park in the town, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Casey died later in hospital.

Rethink worker Alan Brown told the court he answered the door to Bonser and she asked to speak to his colleague, Tareen Mallin.

But he added that Bonser wanted him to stay because Miss Mallin would not be safe otherwise.

Mr Brown told the jury: “She felt that she’d done something silly and she wanted to speak to somebody. She then said that she’s stabbed somebody.”

Mr Brown said Bonser handed over two knives and the police were called. He told the jury: “She was as calm as could be.”

Bonser denies murdering Casey, who was from Rossington, Doncaster, on February 14.

The court has heard she does not deny attacking Casey but is likely to claim diminished responsibility due to her mental condition.

The court heard that Bonser described herself as ‘a complete psychopath’ two weeks before the attack on Casey.

Outreach worker Miss Mallin told the jury the defendant stayed in Rethink’s crisis accommodation in Doncaster for a week in January.

Miss Mallin said she was shown a log entry for the day before Bonser left which recorded she had twice asked to see a doctor to get anti-psychotic drugs.

The jury also heard that an assessment form filled in with Bonser at the start of her stay with Rethink said: “I used to read until I read Catch 22 and my mind exploded.

“I used to watch TV but the noise started to split my head apart.”

On the same form, Bonser said she isolated herself from others because “I may harm them psychologically”.

She also claimed she had driven all her friends away for ‘their own good’.

The court was told that, in another assessment, Bonser admitted being given a warning for carrying a kitchen knife in public when feeling scared.

Earlier, Miss Mallin told the jury about Bonser’s visit to her office after she had attacked Casey on February 14.

She said she called the police and said the defendant appeared to accept that this was what was going to happen.

Miss Mallin told the jury: “She said she’d been hearing male voices and they’d been telling her to do evil things and they were dragging up her past.”

She added: “She mentioned that she’d been unwell for quite a long time.”

In a statement read to the court, Pc Daniel Sharp said he tried to treat Casey before paramedics arrived and, at first, did not realise the teenager had been stabbed.

The officer said he tried to encourage her to keep breathing and, once the stab wound had been located, he kept pressure on the wound, staying with her until she was taken into an operating theatre at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

The trial continues.