Burglar raids home after climbing into sleeping tot’s bedroom

Daniel Hattersley and son Oliver of Parson Cross.Theives entered Oliver's bedroom in the night
Daniel Hattersley and son Oliver of Parson Cross.Theives entered Oliver's bedroom in the night
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A BURGLAR climbed through a sleeping three-year-old boy’s bedroom window in the middle of the night to break into a Sheffield house.

The intruder sneaked through Oliver Hattersley’s bedroom as he slept and crept downstairs to steal a flat-screen TV from the lounge.

Before the raider went downstairs he reached into the room where Oliver’s parents were sleeping and took the house phone that was charging on the wall near the door.

Oliver’s mum Katie Nicholson, aged 22, and dad Daniel Hattersley, 26, spoke of their shock at discovering the burglary and realising how the intruder got into the house on Milnrow Road, Parson Cross.

The couple, who have a one-year-old daughter Ellie, want other families in the area to be made aware of the incident.

Daniel said: “Our daughter Ellie woke up at about 5.30am and I went downstairs to get her a bottle. As I walked through the lounge I realised the TV was missing.

“I went into the kitchen and the back door was wide open. Whoever took it had just walked out.

“The door was locked when we went to bed and the only window open was Oliver’s so that was the only way in.

“The police think he either had a ladder or climbed on to the conservatory below to reach the window. I can’t believe people would break into a child’s bedroom while they were sleeping.

“Until they catch whoever did this I want others to know what happened to us so that they can try to stop the same thing happening to them.

“I am glad we didn’t realise this was happening because I would have been pretty defenceless standing there in my boxer shorts if he had been armed with a knife.”

Katie said: “I am heartbroken the burglar walked through my son’s bedroom while he was asleep. I can’t sleep properly now thinking of what has happened and what could have happened.

“Whoever did it must have been pretty fearless to have got into a house through an upstairs window knowing people would have been in bed.

“I am just glad that Oliver wasn’t hurt. Anything could have happened if he had woken up. I just want our house to feel like a home again because it doesn’t at the moment. I hate the feeling that we have been violated.”

A police spokesman said: “A person climbed on to the conservatory roof and gained entry to the house via an insecure window - unfortunately this was a child’s bedroom - and stole electrical items.”

He urged householders: “Don’t make it easy for these people, please lock your doors and windows.”

Anyone with information about the incident, between 10.30pm on Tuesday March 1 and 5.30am the next day, should call police on 0114 220 2020 quoting incident 131 of Wednesday March 2, 2011. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously: 0800 555111.