Barnsley killer ‘no regret over shooting’

Killing scene: Greenwood Avenue at Worsborough where Lee William Gray was shot dead.
Killing scene: Greenwood Avenue at Worsborough where Lee William Gray was shot dead.
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COLD blooded killer Martin Fieldhouse showed ‘no remorse or regret’ after shooting a dad dead in a terrible murderous blunder, a detective revealed to The Star.

Detective Inspector Kevin Brown said the 29-year-old’s life sentence in prison, where he will stay until at least the year 2042, was the right one after jurors unanimously found Fieldhouse guilty of murdering Lee Gray.

Det Insp Brown, senior investigating officer in the case, said: “I think 30 years is the right sentence.

“At no time has Martin Fieldhouse showed any remorse or regret for his actions on that night.

“I think the judge summed it up when he said it was a cold blooded execution of Lee Gray.

“Mr Gray was asleep with his partner and three-year-old son, and they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

“Martin Fieldhouse’s brother Michael was the intended target but that does not take away the loss of Lee to his family and friends.”

He added: “Throughout the last 18 months Fieldhouse has shown no regret.

“In fact, he’s concocted conspiracy theories that the majority of the witnesses had lied to get him into trouble.

“Thankfully the jury at Sheffield Crown Court saw through those lies and found him guilty.”

During the trial Fieldhouse denied murder, and at one point tried to blame his elder half-brother Michael - his intended victim - for pulling the trigger in March 2011.

The court was told there was a ‘significant history of animosity’ between them.

A medical report found Fieldhouse displayed signs of ADHD and ‘dysfunctional personalities’.

Det Insp Brown added: “Martin Fieldhouse has lied throughout and tried to blame the majority of the witnesses for conspiring to fit him up.

“The victim’s family had to endure numerous court appearances of the past 18 months because the case was delayed by the defendant and the defendant alone.

“Thankfully the jury have seen through these lies and found him guilty.

“Lee’s family and friends have acted with dignity, supporting the police to reach today’s conclusion.”

The victim’s family said the trial at Sheffield Crown Court had ‘taken over their lives’.

Jane Gray, Lee’s mother, said: “The trial has taken over our lives since Lee was killed nearly two years ago. Our lives have been put on hold.”