‘Agressive’ boxer chased punch victim

Victim: Thomas Gower died in hospital on Boxing Day last year.
Victim: Thomas Gower died in hospital on Boxing Day last year.
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A CLUBGOER who allegedly saw a dad being killed with a single punch by an amateur boxer told a jury she thought his victim was dead as soon as he was hit outside a Sheffield bar.

Dad-of-two Thomas Gower, aged 26, died in hospital just over a week after he was allegedly dealt a fatal blow by 20-year-old Bradley Hinkler near the Alibi bar, at the junction of Trippet Lane and Holly Street.

Hinkler denies murdering Thomas, as well as GBH with intent towards his friend Richard Howard, claiming the attacks were in self-defence.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Hinkler punched Thomas shortly after knocking out Richard, who had believed Hinkler injured two of his pals during a brawl inside Alibi.

Marilyn Whittle, who was queueing outside the bar at the time of the incident at around 11.30pm on December 18 last year, said Thomas started backing away when Hinkler turned on him.

She said: “Straightaway he put his arms up. He said ‘It’s not my argument, it’s nothing to do with me’. He didn’t want any involvement, that was very clear.”

She told the court Hinkler ran after him and then threw a punch ‘aggressively’.

“He knew what he was doing. The guy hit the pavement, he just went straight down. He didn’t break his fall at all.”

Wiping away tears, Marilyn said Thomas ‘didn’t look good’.

“He was dead,” she added.

But Nicholas Rhodes QC, defending, said: “The person chased did not say at any stage ‘It’s got nothing to do with me’. You are wrong.”

The trial continues.