Crime-solving fears over DNA change

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Fewer crimes could be solved if the Government goes ahead with plans to remove innocent people from the national DNA database, the head of South Yorkshire Police CID has warned.

The coalition Government wants to delete the DNA profiles of hundreds of thousands of suspects who have been arrested but never convicted of any crime to protect their civil liberties.

But Det Chief Supt Steve Talbot, South Yorkshire Police’s head of specialist crime services, said it was a ‘concern’ evidence which may hold the key to solving murders and rapes could be destroyed.

He said: “We have always found that even though we have held the DNA of unconvicted people, that has actively contributed to protecting the public because it has identified rapists and murderers on numerous occasions.

“Another thing to consider is that DNA has proved to be very effective in proving people innocent. It is fair to say that fewer crimes will be detected, but we need to see what the new rules will be.”