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A very small snippet regarding the Crime Commissioner recently appeared in The Star, but what a lot of questions arise from it.

He visited the Rotherham Military Community Veterans Centre. Why? Is this anything to do with his role in police and crime or is he now adopting the role of civic dignitary? Who paid for the visit? I hope it wasn’t me!

He awarded the centre £15,000. Was this from his own budget? If so is this how the usage of funds was envisaged?

The £15,000 was to fund a holistic therapy practitioner. The whole subject of holistics is very dubious and includes various superstitious and unjustifiable quaint remedies which are unfounded and frowned upon by almost all the scientific and medical community. It even includes homeopathy which is the laughing stock of the educated world.

To see such nonsense gradually creeping into acceptance in society and especially into such worthy organisations as the RMCV centre and in recent years into the National Health Service is a disgrace. And to see an otherwise respectable establishment figure involving himself is disappointing.

I hope some explanations are forthcoming through your pages.


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