Court told music teacher killed partner then hid body in suitcase

Andrew Lindo
Andrew Lindo
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A SOUTH Yorkshire music teacher strangled, battered and stabbed his partner to death then hid her body in a suitcase - then spent the night with his new lover, a court heard.

Andrew Lindo, aged 28, who worked at Take Two Academy in Barnsley, stuffed the body of Marie Stewart - the mother of his two children - into a flight bag and put it in his garage, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Her body was not found for two months, during which time Lindo used 30-year-old Miss Stewart’s Facebook profile and mobile phone to convince her family and friends she had deserted her young son and daughter and was living abroad with a new man.

Lindo admits manslaughter but denies murdering his partner on December 18 last year at their home in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

The court heard he told police he strangled Miss Stewart in their bedroom then wrapped her in a duvet and tried to heave her into a suitcase.

Lindo tried to get the case down the stairs but she was making louder and louder noises.

He then hit her with a Winnie the Pooh chair but Miss Stewart came to, so he put a belt round her neck until she was unconscious again.

Michelle Colborne QC, prosecuting, said Lindo dragged her into the garage and when she began to moan again, he wrapped bubblewrap around her head and stabbed her.

Lindo hid the body in the garage, stuffed in a Virgin Atlantic flight bag, and used Vanish to clean the house.

The prosecutor said: “When he rendered her unconscious in their bedroom, dragged her body down to the garage, in between times strangling her with his belt, beating her with a wooden chair, placing bubblewrap on her face before finally ending what you may conclude was undoubted torture for her by stabbing her in a determined knife attack, he had her death firmly in mind.”

The jury heard after Miss Stewart died, Lindo left the house and drove to Barnsley with his children to collect lover Angela Rylance and take her back to the home he shared with Miss Stewart in Perseverance Place, Holmfirth.

He told her family and friends she had gone missing with another man.

The court heard he used Miss Stewart’s mobile to send messages to her family and posted messages on her Facebook page which gave the impression she had left the country and was ‘happier than she had been in years’.

Ms Colborne said the defendant received sympathy from family and friends who were appalled when Miss Stewart failed to see her children over Christmas and missed her son’s first birthday.

Police were called and when they searched Lindo’s house on February 13, they found the body.

The prosecutor said Lindo had a series of relationships with other women while with Miss Stewart.

She said: “He was untruthful to the deceased, he was manipulative towards her, seeking to persuade her he loved her whilst entering into sexual relationships with a series of hapless women.”

She added: “He is a philanderer who has been caught out by his lies but, true to form, continues those lies before you.”

The prosecutor said Lindo will claim he killed Miss Stewart to protect his daughter because his partner was mistreating her.

But Ms Colborne said that was untrue and the defendant was an “inveterate and accomplished liar”.

Lindo and Miss Stewart met at Huddersfield University.

Lindo worked at Henry Ward School in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, then at the Take Two Academy in Barnsley.

The couple had a daughter in 2007 and a son in 2010.

The trial continues today.