Country of birth worth fighting for

Some of the migrants and refugees
Some of the migrants and refugees
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It has been reported there has been a number of terrorist attacks in the last year in the UK because of the situation in Syria.

It beats me why all Syrian able-bodied men can’t stay and fight for their country instead of running away and leaving a sinking ship.

Surely their country of birth is worth fighting for, there’s enough of them.

The government says they are letting 20,000 Syrian refugees into the Uk in the next five years on top of all that are already here.

I would like to know just how many are already in this country?

IAfter seeing what’s happening in Hungary and Serbia, you would think the government would think twice before letting them in.

It’s only a matter of time before there’s a terrorist undetected attack with devastating circumstances.

It doesn’t need a genius to know that, even the government should figure that out.


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