Councillors need to do walkabout in town centre

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What a nice surprise to see the scaffolding up and workmen on the Mansion House, it’s not before time.

Let’s hope that when work is completed there is maintenance monies put to one side to keep it in pristine condition as it is the jewel of Doncaster town centre.

We cannot shout from the house tops about much else in the town.

The town centre is filthy, Silver Street is like an open sewer with the smell of urine and vomit in every doorway, the footpaths need money spending on them, and what with beggars every 10 metres on all the main streets, even the Baxtergate area is filled with the unsavoury sellers’ trollies loaded with tat, trying to sell it to the unwary at inflated prices.

What I and others would like to know is where are the mayor and her cabinet colleagues.

They must realise how bad things are, do they ever think about doing a walkabout around the town, say on a Tuesday market day around noon. (Let the people know so they can question them), or do they feel ashamed to do so?

Come on Doncaster Council, people were once proud to say that they lived in Donny a few years ago, but not now. And don’t blame the cuts, other councils are suffering the same cuts throughout South Yorkshire, but at least they are doing the basics.

Mr W Hunter

Manor Drive, Doncaster