Councillors need to be on best behaviour, or else

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I was interested to read the article and The Star’s editorial on April 8 regarding the conduct of some councillors in meetings.

It appears they are reading newspapers, emailing, texting and even falling asleep during debates.

It reminded me of some years ago when, on behalf of my local tenants’ and residents’ association, I had to address a full council meeting on tanti-social behaviour and one Labour councillor (who I won’t embarrass by naming) was rudely playing Sudoku instead of paying attention to what was being said.

It would appear that nothing much has changed since then. I can well understand why a complaint has been made by the Federation of Small Businesses, and the annoyance of the regional chairman Gordon Millward.

He said that “few of the elected councillors troubled to listen to anything that was said” when he presented a petition calling for an enquiry into whether Sheffield City Airport should be reopened.

This attitude is totally unacceptable, especially as the councillors’ allowances and expenses are funded by the taxpayers. The very least they could do is listen and show some interest about issues that many people are concerned about.

It might be a good time to remind the councillors that they are elected to serve the interests of the people. If they are seen not to be doing that then they can so easily be voted out of office when the next local elections take place.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent , S10