Sheffield school bars girl over uniform row

Megan Caley, aged 14, of  Woodhouse,and mum Megan.

Megan Caley, aged 14, of Woodhouse,and mum Megan.

A Sheffield schoolgirl claims she was excluded from classes for two days because she did not have the right logos on her shirt and trousers.

Fourteen-year-old Megan Caley had a 100 per cent attendance record at Outwood Academy City before the incident, which has left her mum Katie fuming.

The Stradbroke secondary – formerly The City School – became an academy in January, and was the first in Sheffield to seek partnership with an academy chain from outside the city.

Managers brought in a new uniform of blazer, shirt and trousers all emblazoned with an ‘O’ logo, with pupils being given a pair of the trousers and two shirts for free.

Katie, aged 31, speaking at her home in Badger Close, Woodhouse, said Megan had been wearing the new uniform when possible, and always wore the blazer – but sometimes had to wear her previous clothes.

She said: “You can’t even see the logos on the shirts and trousers when Megan has her blazer on.

“Megan hasn’t had trouble before but it seems to depend on which teacher catches you and what sort of mood they are in. To send her home for something like this just seems so petty.”

Katie said as a single mother she could not replace all of Megan’s school clothes overnight. She said: “To get the uniform, you either have to shop online or go to the school shop. The trousers are between £10 to £15 and you can get two shirts for £9, which is more expensive than the ones I’d normally buy from Asda. I’m 100 per cent behind the idea of a uniform, but this decision has seen Megan lose two days of schooling and it is that which has really annoyed me.”

Megan said a teacher had initially raised the point about her trousers at lunchtime, leading her to be sent to the academy’s ‘consequences’ room, a space where children who are deemed to have broken school rules are sent to think about their behaviour. She said that after first asking to go to the toilet, she decided to leave the consequences room and was told she would be excluded.

A spokesperson for Outwood Grange Academies Trust said: “The academy does not comment on individual students. However, I can confirm the academy does not exclude students for things like the wrong uniform and so on, but does exclude students who refuse a reasonable request.

“One of which may be a student’s refusal to change their incorrect uniform to one provided by the academy, or for not following the behaviour systems put in place.”

The Outwood Grange trust is based around a school in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which turned around its fortunes to become highly successful.

City was instructed to become part of an academy chain after a negative report from Ofsted.


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