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I was appalled to read in The Star, May 8, the comment attributed to “a senior member of Sheffield City Council” that snooker portrays the wrong image of the city likening it to “one big men’s club with little or no aspiration”.

This is yet another example of the council’s ineptitude to be ranked alongside all their other attempts to show this city in the worst possible light such as:-

1. Allowing Don Valley Stadium to fall behind in its maintenance and not promoting it to athletics or music event promoters before demolishing what was one of the best stadiums in the country because of its failure to make the most of a very valuable asset.

2. Building a city airport which was doomed to failure almost from the start.

3. Constructing Sheaf Valley Baths too short for international competition.

4. Not embracing the applications from Next and IKEA immediately they were intimated, thereby indicating that Sheffield was not open for business.

The list goes on and on.

I am proud of the city of my birth and will expound its virtues to anyone not lucky enough to be born here but remarks like these coming from someone who is a senior member of the council serve only to undermine the pride which I and many others have in our city.

It is a pity that we have to rely on an entrepreneur of the standing of Barry Hearn to promote our city for us when he could I am sure find an alternative foreign venue which would from his point of view result in probably a greater profit.

Perhaps we should see if Mr Hearn can be persuaded to offer his considerable marketing skills to the council or better still offer him the job as Lord Mayor.

Bob Bonsall

by email