Council should think again about rent hike

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It’s interesting to read council leader Julie Dore discussing the struggles facing council tenants across the city. What she neglects to mention is the £216 rent bombshell that she and her Labour colleagues are choosing to impose on Sheffield tenants.

Given the option of halving this inflation-busting rent hike, Labour councillors voted to protect the jobs of well-paid housing officers.

Why? Because they thought they could get away with blaming someone else.

Compare this to another Labour council, in Dudley. They’ve raised rents well below national guidelines, crediting the Government with giving them the extra flexibility to control local rents. This follows the example of other councils – like Lib Dem-run Portsmouth.

This rent hike isn’t fair and we know the council can afford to reduce it, so think again.

Coun Penny Baker

Sheffield Liberal Democrat spokesperson for housing