Council job losses

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I got my pamphlet from council leader Julie Dore asking where the council should make cuts. I don’t really believe that the general public know enough about the workings of a local council to give an informed opinion on this.

This looks like a gimmick so that when the cuts arrive and people moan about the areas affected, Coun Dore can say: “Well we listened to you, so it’s your fault”. I also saw her letter in The Star, where she says the council wants to support our communities and work hard with the private sector to create and protect jobs.

May I suggest that the council’s intention to make up to 690 staff redundant, with £10 million set aside for this, won’t help. Not only will millions be spent on this, but there has to be a detrimental effect on sevices provided.

This won’t help the communities, or the people of Sheffield. It’s not just the families of people who lose their jobs, that will be affected. They will probably be entitled to unemployment pay and various other benefits. This money has to come from somewhere. Whether it’s council redundancy pay or Government money which funds benefits, it eventually comes out of the pocket of you and me. Those who lose their jobs will have reduced spending power, and this will be felt in shops and businesses around the city.

Presumably the jobs Coun Dore hopes to create by working in partnership with the private sector, will be enough to provide work not only for those unemployed, but for all those whom the council make redundant too.

It’s amazing. The council can spend millions throwing people on the scrapheap, with all the knock-on effects on shops and businesses and affect services to the people of Sheffield, but they cannot collect £26 million of outstanding council tax going back over a decade!

I realise some people have difficulty paying council tax, but £26m worth?

Perhaps we should all declare ourselves incapable of paying and see what the council does

I am a traditional Labour voter, but I did not vote to to put people out of work. I do not see where this helps regenerate the economy. I don’t have the answers, but collecting the £26m owed would be a good starting point.

SC, Shiregreen