Council disgraceful, disrespectful and appalling

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How ironic that on the hottest July day ever recorded in Sheffield, the city council made the decision to fell a number of healthy mature trees on Rustlings Road.

As we returned from the council meeting that made this decision we could not fail to see the large number of people enjoying sitting in the shade of these trees just inside Endcliffe Park.

Well, they had better enjoy it while they can as it seems that these trees will soon be cut down.

We don’t deny that there is some root disturbance of the pavement, (the reason given for felling), but, in most cases, it is minimal and can easily be solved by simple regrading of the pathway.

It appears that there is no desire to do so.

The Labour councillors, who voted en masse to go ahead with the felling, completely missed the point that mature healthy trees provide, as well as shade, a number of other vital services that young replacement trees will not give us for decades.

They help to clean the air, provide habitats for wildlife, help with temperature control and flooding, as well as improve our health and well being, to name but a few of their benefits.

In terms of the shade, just how many people can you cram under a ten foot tall twig?

Also, all this is doubly ironic when, only last week, the national media reported that a primary school at Tinsley was having to be relocated due to air pollution.

What are our Labour councillors thinking?

Are they thinking at all?

From my vantage point in the public gallery, it seemed that many Labour councillors weren’t really listening as it appeared they had already made their minds up before the debate had actually started.

Why else would they be moving around, talking amongst themselves and using their phones during the debate and when the lead petitioner was speaking?

Disgraceful, disrespectful and appalling to think this is how our city council operates.

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