Could do more on fare dodging

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AFTER all the fuss about rail firms losing money because of fare dodgers at Sheffield station, we can reveal that the businesses have not been exactly over-active in helping themselves.

For figures obtained by The Star show that the companies prosecute just a few hundred people each year who have been caught dodging fares.

This hardly stacks up with the claim that they are losing millions of pounds a year by people not buying tickets to ride on trains leaving Sheffield.

We appreciate that the rail companies want to erect barriers to stop people without tickets getting to trains in the first place. But they should be doing more to tackle this problem as it stands.

And their track record suggests that they have not been taking the loss of an estimated £2.3 million a year seriously enough.

Perhaps had they done so there may have been more understanding from people in Sheffield who campaigned against the closure of a footbridge crossing rail lines at the station which is a key link between homes in the Park Hill area and the city centre.

Let this warn other owners

POLICE have destroyed a pit bull-type dog which they seized in a raid organised against dangerous dogs in Sheffield.

Dogs of this nature have become status symbols for some people and, in the worst cases, have been encouraged to be vicious and attack other animals or even people.

The police are right to carry out this crackdown but it is a pity that an animal had to lose its life because of the irresponsibility of someone.

The rules for four specific breed – including this one – are quite specific and widely known. To ignore them is not only to defy the law, it is putting at risk the life of an animal.

Let this be a warning to anyone else tempted to keep a dog they know to be a danger.

Count on people

KIM Streets takes over the helm of Sheffield’s museums at a critical time, with funding being cut and visitor numbers expected to fall drastically. The appointment also comes as 40 staff jobs are being made redundant.

Therefore we are delighted that Ms Streets has come out fighting, with a raft of proposals which she hopes will help the museums maintain their role at the cultural heart of the city.

We certainly wish her well and know that she can count on the support of Sheffield people.